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Whitney Jackson

Hi, my name is Whitney Jackson. I’m a former Army brat, turned Air Force wife. We’re currently stationed in Chesapeake, VA, which is closer to home, Washington, DC. I have two walking heart beats, a girl and boy, 5 and 3. Motherhood has its own challenges for each of us and breastfeeding can be one of them. I became a lactation counselor five years ago to aid mothers in making one of the best decisions for their babies; breastfeeding. I have experience with NICUs babies, lip and tongue ties, low weights, thrush and developmental delay infants. The military community is a unique tribe with moms ready to help each other, which is priceless. I’m happy to continue helping and excited to be a part of the Military Mommies team.

Accessories I Recommend: Haakaa Breast Pump, Nursing pillow, Bamboobies Overnight reusable Nursing pads

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