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Teresa Harley

I am a retired military spouse and mother to two active duty Navy and AirForce service members.  I breastfed my first child for several months, but upon returning to work I struggled due to lack of knowledge and support.  This led to me formula feeding my second child. My struggles with breastfeeding has fed my passion for making sure families have the education and support they need on their breastfeeding journey.  After years of being an active duty family, I love being able to give back and support military families.  I’m currently pursuing my lactation counselor certification to better serve the breastfeeding community.

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Fun Fact:

I love schnauzers and have THREE of them!

Favorite TV Show:

Grey’s Anatomy, This Is US, and The Voice

Words of Advice:

Not only is it ok to ask for help, you SHOULD ask for help!  Building a strong breastfeeding support system through your partner, family, fellow breastfeeding friends, support groups, pediatrician, and lactation consultant will set you up for a successful breastfeeding journey.

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