Shondra Mattos


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Shondra Mattos

I am a mom to a beautiful, rambunctious, and free-spirited 5-year-old, Milspo, and lover of lactation with a sugar cookie addiction! I served as a Linguist in the military between 2010-2013 before being medically separated and since early 2014 have committed 100% of my energy to the lactation world. Though I wear many hats, I have a special place in my heart for helping parents navigate the process of getting their breast pump, as it’s often a source of overwhelm and confusion. Seeing the stress melt away as we work together to get them the pump that they want and that may work best for them is priceless.

Favorite TV Show:

I don’t watch much TV. I prefer Youtube where I watch a myriad of things but am a sucker for chiropractic videos.

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