Sarah Walborn


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Sarah Walborn

I am a veteran, military spouse, and mommy of two. I gave birth to my first son in 2016 as an active duty soldier and returned to work when he was 4 months old. Thanks to pumping, our breast/chestfeeding journey was able to continue until he was 15 months old! Now, as a work from home mom, I have been breast/chestfeeding my youngest for 1 year and counting. I enjoy helping families find the tools they need to have a successful breast/chestfeeding journey just as I have. I am also a doula, childbirth educator, trained in perinatal mental health, and currently pursuing my certification as a lactation counselor!

Fun Fact:

I was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the Army before I became a birth worker.

Favorite TV Show:

The BACHELOR!!And any/all docuseries.

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