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Fairchild, WA

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Rachel Brannan

I’m a wife to an Active Duty Airman. I have 2 busy boys and a brand new baby girl. I breastfed my boys exclusively for 7 months each and then with both of them I ended up exclusively pumping at 7 months due to biting issues. That was not my plan, I didn’t reach my personal breastfeeding goals and it was really hard for me. I’m passionate about breastfeeding and pumping after having to learn from trial and error myself. I’m a big advocate of setting up support before baby arrives so if you need them you know who to call. My own hardships were a huge motivator in pursing and finishing my 90 hour lactation certification. My kiddos have dealt with oral ties and I’ve dealt with uncomfortable breasts with all 3 of them now so if you find yourself in that situation you are not alone! I’m an advocate for setting small goals and looking at the big picture and educating yourself. I’m here to help, listen, support or commiserate with the you in your journey. 

Fun Fact: I served a mission for my church for 18 months and met my future husband while I was there. 

Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy, Good Girls, and Alone.

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