Rachel Brannan


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Rachel Brannan

I’m a wife to an Active Duty Airman. I have 2 busy boy toddlers who I  breastfed exclusively for about 7 months each. With both of them I ended up exclusively pumping at 7 months due to biting issues. I’m passionate about breastfeeding and pumping knowledge after having to learn from trial and error myself. I’m a big advocate of setting up support before baby arrives so if you need them you know who to call.

Favorite TV Show:

Grey’s Anatomy, Good Girls, and Alone. 

Fun Fact:

I served a mission for my church for 18 months and met my future husband while I was there.

Breastfeeding Item I Recommend:

I always always encourage my clients or get a Haaka Breastpump in addition to their electric pump. They are super affordable at around $13 and simple to use. They catch extra milk while breastfeeding or can even be used in the shower, while doing makeup or if you find yourself engorged and just want a little relief. They can also be used with hot water and epsom salt to encourage a clog out. I’m a super fan of Haaka… can you tell?

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