Ramstein AFB, Germany



Nicole Longmire

I am a mom to an amazing 10 year old boy and a bonus mom to two awesome step sons, age 11 and 13. My husband is active duty Air Force and are also expecting another baby boy this year!

I breastfed my son for 26 months and endured many challenges without much support. I consider myself “self taught” when it came to overcoming my own difficulties, but I became very passionate about helping other women with breastfeeding during my own struggles. I wanted to become the type of support that I never had so I began my studies in lactation back in 2011. Life took many twists and turns and I wasn’t able to finish until 2019, but I am now working actively as a Lactation Counselor and will be taking my IBCLC boards in 2022!

Fun Fact: Long before I was certified in lactation I was known in my friends circle as the “boob lady!”

Favorite TV Show: Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, and any and all reality TV!

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