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Mrika Harrigan

I am a mama to a sweet little guy who is entering the toddler stage, dog mom to our 10 year old “puppy,” and an Active Duty Navy spouse. 

My breastfeeding journey started at the birth of my son, whom I have had the privilege to breastfeed over the past two years. There have been many ups and downs along the way, especially as a new mom during the Covid-19 pandemic/my husband’s first deployment. Through my own lactation journey, I have learned firsthand how crucial lactation support is, especially within the military community. 

My own breastfeeding experience/challenges fostered a desire to become a breastfeeding supporter. My hope is that I can help others avoid the same difficulties that I did, support them in establishing a thriving breastfeeding/infant feeding relationship with their baby, and assist them in incorporating their infant feeding choices into their everyday life in a simple and sustainable way. I’m also passionate about bridging the gap in lactation support and Tricare reimbursement for military families.

Fun Fact: I used to teach group fitness classes and became affectionately known as the “crazy fitness lady” due to the intensity and uniqueness of my classes

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