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Mrika Harrigan

I am a mama to a sweet little guy who is entering the toddler stage, dog mom to our 10 year old Golden Retriever, and wife to a husband who is active duty, keeps our life full of surprises, and always brings the adventure.

My breastfeeding journey started at the birth of my son, whom I have had the privilege to breastfeed, and continue to breastfeed currently. I experienced many bumps in the road of my breastfeeding journey and could not have persevered without the support that I had.

My own breastfeeding challenges fostered a desire to become a breastfeeding supporter in order to help others avoid the same challenges I did, help them establish a thriving breastfeeding/infant feeding relationship with their baby, and incorporate their infant feeding choices into their everyday life in a simple and sustainable way.

Fun Fact: I used to teach group fitness classes and became affectionately known as the “crazy fitness lady” due to the intensity and uniqueness of my classes

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