The Luna is built for modern motherhood.

Motif Luna

The Motif Luna is a double electric breast pump build for modern motherhood with a sophisticated design. It has hospital strength suction, a closed system, quiet motor and soothing night light. Both research and 5/6 moms claim that with the Luna you get “more milk in less time.” It is now available with a rechargeable battery and only weighs only 2 lbs.

5 out of 6 moms claim you get “more milk in less time.”

Included in the Bundle:
Luna Pump, power adapter, (2) tubing, (2) backflow protectors, (2) silicone valves, (2) 24 mm breastshields, (2) 28 mm breastshields, (2) milk collection containers, (2) milk collection container disks, (2) milk collection container covers, (2) milk collection container caps, and (2) bottle nipples

Enjoy sophisticated design with the benefits of hospital-strength suction in a closed system.

Danielle Sollars

Danielle Sollars
South Regional Manager

“The 3 Reasons I Recommend the Motif Luna…”


It has a sleek design and is very lightweight


Rechargeable battery makes traveling easy


It’s quiet, but strong!

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