Michelle Amaya-Schmidt

Albuqerque, NM

(505) 417-0138


Michelle Amaya-Schmidt

I am a mom of a 4 ½ year old energetic boy named Asher and a 1 ½ year old sassy girl named Mila. I breastfed Asher for 4 years and pumped exclusively for Mila for 15 months. I recently had to stop pumping but she is currently still breastfed with milk from an amazing donor.

I am an Army wife and recently retired from the Army with 20 years of service and currently work as an Outreach Specialist with the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task force. I am also a Doula and a Lactation Educator and teach breastfeeding and baby basics classes at a local hospital.

I have a Masters in Community Health Education and taught for 8 years at the University of New Mexico, I love teaching and hope to one day soon obtain my Doctorate in Public Health.I have always been interested in health and wellness but after having my son I began my journey into Maternal and Child health with an emphasis on lactation.

I have also worked as a bedside Breastfeeding Peer Counselor with WIC helping new moms immediately after having their babies. I enjoy working with families and helping them meet their breastfeeding goals.

Fun Fact: was bored the 9 months my husband deployed so I ran 9 half marathons and countless 5 and 10ks.

Favorite TV Show: Anything True Crime on Investigation ID or Fixer Upper on HGTV

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