Megan Harrison

Hi, I’m Megan Harrison. My husband and I have four kiddos; Mary Katherine (13), Lilly Grace (10), Patrick (7), and Emily Jane (3). I am an Army Spouse as well as an Army brat. I truly love the Army/military life as it is all that I know. I am a Registered Nurse and an IBCLC (Lactation Consultant). I have experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse and Mother/Baby nurse. I have enjoyed working as a nurse at the hospital, but I love staying at home and doing the mom job just as much. Since staying at home with the kids, I have found a love and passion for volunteering within the military community. I’ve volunteered with my husband’s units, with our church, and with my children’s school PTO.

I love the L&D, Mother/Baby, and Breastfeeding community/season of life! I have found by living on post and volunteering within my military community that I have a strong passion for military families and especially other military moms. I want to make sure those new moms (to the military and/or to babies) have the education and resources they need to succeed as a military spouse and mom! I am thrilled to be a part of Military Mommies so that I may provide education, insight, and support to Military Moms!

Fun Fact: TI love thrifting, antiquing, and estate sale shopping!  The thrill of the search and find keeps me coming back for more because you never know what you could find!  I take pride in knowing that I am saving an item (heirloom linen, architectural salvage piece, old picture) from being lost forever!

Favorite Accessories:  Any reusable breast pads and Lanolin/Nipple Cream, because these are essential in the first few weeks/months!

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