Leah Castro

New Mexico

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Leah Castro

I have been a military spouse for 6 years, and my husband has been active duty for over 10 years! We have our beautiful daughter who is 3 years old. We also have three cats, one of which we rescued together. I’m very family-oriented and have loved being a mother.

I exclusively breastfed my daughter for 18 months, and also pumped to maintain a small stash. While experiencing all the hills and valleys of my breastfeeding journey, I developed a passion to help and to educate other mothers! I have recently completed the Certified Lactation Counseling course and exam, and will obtain my official certification soon! I also co-lead a local breastfeeding support group and teach a breastfeeding education class for military mothers.

Fun Fact: I went skydiving for my 16th birthday!

Favorite TV Show: Friends, The Office, Game of Thrones

Leah Castro

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