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Laura Brigman

My name is Laura Brigman (she/they are my pronouns). I am a Marine Corps veteran and now an Active Duty Army spouse. In addition to supporting my spouse, I am the mother of two incredible little ones – Arwen and Harrison. It’s such a gift to be raising them and to watch the world through their eyes. As a mom, I have been able to breastfeed for almost 3 years now between the two of my children and that journey is continuing. I have breastfed in the middle of Munich’s historic plaza, on top of a mountain in Scotland, and pumped before running off to nursing school classes.

I am a birth journey supporter & visual storyteller (aka doula and photographer) and I am currently in nursing school pursuing my RN. I have served families at several duty stations, in all stages of their fertility to postpartum journeys – including their breast/chestfeeding journeys. It is an honor to be part of a family’s lives and to support them in different ways that they need. As military families, we often must overcome so much more due to lack of support while away from our families and I strive to be a bridge that supports, educates, and cares for you during your fertility to postpartum journey.

Being part of the MilitaryMommies team is another way for me to be that bridge and to give you and your family additional resources and support along your journey and I am grateful to do so each and every day.

Fun Fact: I enjoy looking for antiques to decorate my home to make it special and unique. 

Favorite TV Show: I am usually wrapped up, cozy in a blanket on the couch watching either a medical drama like ER or Grey’s Anatomy or re-binging on The Vampire Diaries for another time.

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