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Jessica Marlles

Hello! I’m Jessica. I claim Tennessee and Kentucky as my home states. My husband and I met while in high school in TN. After getting married we moved to KY where I have some family roots to attend college. He is active duty in the military, so we have been able to live in several different states. I enjoy getting to travel and visit new places with my family. We have a daughter, a son, and an obnoxious yet sweet German Shepherd. While pregnant with my daughter I read everything I could about breastfeeding. My original goal was to breast feed her a year, but we continued until she beyond 3 years old. My son is under a year old, and he enjoys his breast milk as well. After I began our breastfeeding journey, I knew that breastfeeding was something I wanted to help other families with. I am a Certified Lactation Consultant and I truly love helping others. I love everything birth, breastmilk, and children related.

Fun Fact: I enjoy being outdoors with my family. We often go on hikes in the mountains. Occasionally we get to go hunting and fishing.

Favorite TV Show: Heartland, Call the Midwife, NCIS

Jessica Marlies

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