At Military Mommies, we can also assist military families with nutritional products if their children have food allergies or other feeding disorders.


Enteral feeding is a method of delivering nutrients directly into a person’s stomach or small intestine, either orally or through a feeding tube. There are several reasons that a person would need enteral feeding. Some of the most common reasons include gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, or metabolic disorders, such as Hurler Syndrome, Niemann-Pick disease, and Tay-Sachs disease. Babies who are born prematurely may need enteral feeding, as may children who are failing to thrive due to a variety of medical conditions ranging from a cleft pallet to food allergies to Down Syndrome. Military Mommies wants to continue our support with you no matter what your baby’s feeding journey is.

It is important to remember that every person’s enteral feeding regimen will be different. Some patients will be prescribed enteral nutrition as a supplement to their normal diet, while for others, enteral nutrition will be their sole source of food.

No matter the journey, Military Mommies offers this Enteral Program to support military families in processing these necessary feeding items. 

Want to hear from a personal journey, read a blog from one of our own Enteral Specialists.


This can be a difficult time and process to understand so let us support you.


If you prefer direct communication from the start of this process, please reach out to our customer service team so that we can get you in contact with one of our expert Area Partners. Email us at 


As Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Obtain the necessary documents
    • Get a prescription signed by your physician and request a letter of medical necessity(include: diagnosis, length of need, cans per month, product name, physician’s signature and NPI. 
    • Medical Notes  (supporting diagnosis and need) 
    • Authorization (mandatory for all Tricare beneficiaries. Your doctor can submit the referral for Tricare’s approved authorization) 
  1. Complete the Enteral Program Form below
  3. An Enteral Specialist will contact you to process the request and ship directly to you.