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Danielle Sollars

Hello, I’m Danielle! My husband and I retired from Navy life 11 years ago and have been married for 30 years. I have a son in the Navy and a daughter in the Air Force. I actually became a grandma (“GiGi”) last year and let me tell you… I’m loving it!
I breastfed my first child for several months, but upon returning to work I struggled. I attribute that to lack of knowledge and support. This led to me formula feeding my second child. My past challenges with breastfeeding have driven my passion for making sure families have the education and support they need through their breastfeeding journey.

After our years in the military, I understand how hard it is to get connected with a new support system when you are relocating every few years. So I love being able to give back and be a resource for military families.

Fun Fact: I love schnauzers and have THREE of them!

Favorite TV Show: Anything new that I can binge watch!

Danielle Sollars
Danielle Sollars with Spectra 2
Danielle Sollars

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