Comfortable, adjustable compression garments to support your sore back, abdominals, legs and feet.

Compression garments are specially designed articles of clothing that are used when disruptions in either the circulatory system or the lymphatic system cause swelling (known as edema) and other related problems. The pressure applied with compression garments gently squeezes this excess fluid up and out of the veins or lymphatic vessels, allowing for a better quality of life.

Popular Brands.

Jobst Activeware

Jobst Activeware

Jobst activewear compression stockings were developed for ultimate comfort and control. Improve leg circulation and hide blemishes with Jobst cool, concealing materials.

Mediven Comfort Vitality

mediven® comfort vitality

A luxurious compression sock for women.

mediven comfort

mediven® comfort

The most comfortable stocking in its class.

mediven sheer and soft

mediven® sheer & soft

medi’s most transparent compression stocking.

Compression garments can help manage your pain and swelling, and improve your quality of life. Talk to your doctor to find out if a compression garment is right for you. Our representatives are here to help you pick out the best one for your specific ailment. Make sure to check out our postpartum products and accessories as well.

Qualify Through Insurance.

You may be eligible to get compression garments through your insurance. You can complete the insurance form online or fill out this PDF.