Chelsea Van Middelkoop


(501) 596-5334

Chelsea Van Middelkoop

I have always been passionate about helping families. I have my bachelors degree in Child, Youth, and Family studies. I never knew I would go down the path I have, but I am so happy to be helping families in the way that I am now. My own family consists of myself, my Active Duty Air Force husband, my 3 year old son and our cat and dog. I breastfed my son for 17 months, until I had to wean for medical purposes. I love to travel, read (when I find the time), and relax in a bubble bath. I am also a huge lover of musicals and animals!

Fun Fact:

The eyelashes on only my left eye turned completely white at the age of 21, I’m assuming as a result of my vitiligo spreading (condition that results in lack of skin pigmentation in patches).

Favorite TV Show:

Scrubs, QI, Extras

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