Breastfeeding is the most natural way to provide the benefits of a mother’s milk to the growing and developing infant.

One decision that all pregnant moms will have to make is whether to breast feed or to formula feed their infant.  For those moms who decide to breast feed, you will find that a breast pump is an invaluable purchase.  For working moms, a breast pump will allow you to continue to provide your baby with the health benefits of breast milk while you are away from the home. Pumping while your baby is at the sitter or in daycare will help with engorgement and ensure you maintain your milk supply even when you are away from your baby for a part of the day.

For those moms with a low milk supply level, breastfeeding your baby can be a stressful ordeal.  Using a pump during those times when you do not have a hungry baby attached to you can help increase your production of milk and provide you with a back-up supply which you can then use to ease the breastfeeding process.

If your baby was born prematurely, it’s possible that he or she is too small to breastfeed directly. A pump allows you to feed your baby breastmilk through a bottle or small tube. In this case, breast pumps can be lifesavers for keeping your milk supply up and giving your baby the nutrients he or she needs to grow healthy and strong.

Breast pumps are also important for building up an emergency milk supply if you ever need to be unexpectedly away from your baby. There are also some moms who prefer to feed their babies by a bottle when outside of the home, or who like to get the dads involved in the feeding process.  A breast pump allows you to have the best of both world.

Popular Brands

Ameda Mya

Ameda Mya

The Ameda Mya is a breakthrough hospital strength portable breast pump that is compact without compromise. Mya is small, super lightweight, ultra-quiet, and can be operated by a rechargeable battery.


Bundle Includes: Mya Pump, tote, AC adaptor, (2) 24 mm flanges, (2) valves, tubing, (2) diaphragms, (2) bottles, (2) locking cap and ring, (2) valves

Ardo Calypso-to-Go Pure

Ardo Calypso-To-Go Pure

The Ardo Calypso-To-Go Pure is the ultimate collection with all you need to be totally mobile when you are expressing.


Bundle Includes: Ardo Calypso, tote, cooler, (2) ice packs, (6) bottles, Amaryll hand pump adaptor, (2) 26 mm flanges, (2) 28 mm breast shell insert, (2) 31 mm flange, (2) 26 mm optiflow insert, brush for cleaning, power adaptor, (2) lip valves, bottle holder


Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0

The portable Lansinoh Smartpump™ is battery operated and uses Bluetooth to connect to the Smartpump App so moms can track and monitor their pumping schedule. Connects to your smartphone and the Lansinoh® Baby App for tracking, reminders, expert tips, and more.


Bundle Includes: Lansinoh® Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump base unit and AC adapter and breast pump kit to include: 5oz breastmilk collection bottles (2), storage lids (2), 25mm ComfortFit® flanges (2), 30.5mm ComfortFit® flanges (2), flange bodies (2), diaphragms (2), diaphragm caps (2), white valves (4), NaturalWave® nipple (1), collar (1), nipple cover (1), bottle holders (2), connection tubes (3), Y tubing connector, pump connector, black tote bag, cooler, ice pack, instruction booklet

Medela Pump In Style with Max Flo

Medela Pump In Style with Max Flow

The new Pump In Style® with Max FlowTM technology is a double electric breast pump developed for moms who pump several times a day. With PersonalFit PlusTM breast shields for more comfort and a better fit, the Pump In Style is designed to make breastfeeding easier. You can feed your baby with all the benefits of breast milk for longer.


Bundle includes: (1) Pump In Style Breast Pump with MaxFlow Technology, (4) 5 oz/150 mL bottles with lids, (2) 21 mm PersonalFit FlexTM breast shields, (2) 24 mm PersonalFit FlexTM breast shields, (2) PersonalFit FlexTM Connectors with membranes, (1) Complete tubing, (1) Cooler, (1) Cooling element, (1) Microfiber bag, (1) Battery pack (8 AAs not included), (1) Power adaptor


Medela Freestyle Flex

Medela Freestyle FLEX

The Freestyle FlexTM Breast Pump is a double electric daily-use pump
designed for the on-the-go mom who pumps several times a day.
Designed for her active lifestyle, the Freestyle Flex is light, compact, and
has a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery to give mom the flexibility
to express wherever and whenever she likes – with no compromise on
pumping performance. It’s perfect for the mom that prefers to multitask
and move around while pumping.


Bundle Includes: Freestyle FlexTM double electric breast pump, power adapter with USB cable, rechargeable lithium-Ion battery, removable cooler & ice pack, (2) Medela PersonalFit FlexTM breast shield size 21 mm, (2) Medela PersonalFit FlexTM breast shield size 24 mm, (2) Medela PersonalFit FlexTM connector, (4) 5 oz/150 ml breast milk containers, (4) lids, (2) bottle stands, all-in-one portable black microfiber shoulder bag, (1) length of tubing

Motif Luna

Motif Luna

Built for modern motherhood. Sophisticated design. Hospital-strength suction. Closed system. Soft motor. Soothing night light. Discover why 5 out of 6 moms got More Milk in Less Time® with the Luna.


Bundle Includes: Luna Pump, power adapter, (2) tubing, (2) backflow protectors, (2) silicone valves, (2) 24 mm breastshields  and (2) 28 mm breastshields, (2) milk collection containers,  (2) milk collection container disks, (2) milk collection container covers, (2) milk collection container caps, and (2) bottle nipples










Spectra S1

Spectra S1 Plus

The Spectra S1 Breast Pump is a hospital-strength, low-noise pump that works well for those who have a lower milk supply or need more suction. With a higher suction limit, this pump can help get things moving to enhance your breastfeeding relationship with your baby.


Bundle Includes: S1 Pump, tubing, power chord, (2) duckbill valves, (2) 24 mm flange and  (2) 28 mm flange, (2) wide neck bottles, (2) backflow protectors

Spectra S2

Spectra S2 Plus

S2 PLUS Hospital Strength Double Electric Breast Pump boasts so many great features and is designed to truly meet the needs of moms wanting to feel confident that they have an effective, powerful breast pump to support supply while also incorporating features to make life a little easier.


Bundle Includes: S2 Pump. tubing, power chord, (2) duckbill valves, (2) 24 mm flange and (2) 28 mm flange, (2) wide neck bottles, (2) back flow protectors

Spectra 9 Plus

Spectra S9 Plus

Our sleekest model in the Spectra line-up, the 9Plus was designed for moms seeking portability and performance. Small, discreet, rechargeable, and weighing only 1/2lb, the 9Plus is full of unique features that make pumping a more natural part of the nursing process.


Bundle Includes: S9 pump, tubing, power chord, (2) duckbill valves, (2) 24 mm flanges, (4) wide neck bottles, (2) back flow protectors

Unimom Minuet Bundle

Unimom Minuet Bundle

The Minuet Electric Breast Pump from Unimom makes expressing milk quick, easy and comfortable. It’s packed with innovative features that make it easy to pump milk discretely anywhere.


Bundle Includes: Unimom Minuet pump, tote, cooler, (2) ice packs, (7) bottles, USB charging cable, AC adaptor, (2) diaphragm caps, (2) diaphragms, Tubing, (2) 24 mm flanges, (2) 27 mm flanges, (2) valves, (2) silicone massagers

Unimom Opera

Unimom OPERA

Unimom’s newly-designed, innovative interface enables
you to create and save custom settings for future use. With unique massage and expression settings for either breast, this unit can calibrate each mode individually for your unique needs and a completely personalized experience for everyone.


Bundle Includes: Opera pump body, (2) 24mm Breast shields, (2) 27mm Breast shields, (2) 150ml Bottles including caps, disks, covers, (2) Air tubes, (2) Diaphragms, (2) Diaphragm caps, (1) AC adapter, (1) Instructions manual

Ready to begin your breastfeeding journey? Follow the steps below. If you have further questions, connect with a Military Mommies Partner who will walk you through the process and help you decide which breast pump is the best for your needs. We also offer a variety of breast pump accessories, as well as a selection of pregnancy and postpartum support accessories.

Qualify for a Breast Pump

You may be eligible to get breast pumps through your insurance. You can complete the Eligibility form onlineIf you need a prescription, you can print out this PDF prescription form or complete the online prescription form to take to your physician.