Kim Hopkins
Overseas Regional Manager
Area Partner Colorado Springs, CO

Finding out about your pregnancy is exciting! Most women will confirm the pregnancy and have a “dating” ultrasound in the first trimester. At this time, you may find out that – SURPRISE – you are expecting twins! Twins may run in your family, or maybe this is a total surprise to you and your partner. There is one thing that all expecting families of twins have in common: They know they need double of everything and they are aware that they will need some extra hands.

If you or your partner are in the military, you probably know that support from your family and friends may be limited. This is especially true when you are stationed overseas, or if your spouse is set to deploy before or shortly after the birth of your babies. Fortunately, you have 9 months to prepare and come up with a plan that will help you manage life with multiples (and potentially older siblings that also need your attention). How do you manage multiples when you have no family or friends nearby?

I would recommend the help of a doula. A doula is an incredible resource, a person of trust, someone that is invested in you and your family and wants to support you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Doulas can be that extra set of hands, the person that will listen and provide resources and information to help you in the first few months of your babies’ lives. One great source to locate Doula support is through Military Birth Resource Network. This organization brings together the support systems near military installations for you to connect with.  In addition to a doula, you may want to seek support from a lactation professional if you plan on breastfeeding your babies. Some lactation professional services are covered by Tricare, and sometimes you can find lactation support in local hospitals and WIC offices. Lactation professionals know the ins and outs around breastfeeding and can assist you as you are learning to provide milk for your babies. If you would like to find a local lactation professional in your area, refer to the listings for IBCLC and CLC on the Military Birth Resource Network website.

When we are far from our friends and family, it is really important to reach out to fellow spouses in our community. You may find comfort opening up to church members, other women you go to the gym with, people you meet in playgroups or in a childbirth education class. While it may be totally out of your comfort zone, these connections can make all the difference during your pregnancy and parenting journey. Many units or squadrons will run a meal train for the new family, or some church members may come by to offer help with household or older siblings. As a military spouse, we learn to make friends quickly because we are all in the same boat. Accept the help that people offer to you! Being a mom can be challenging, being a mom to twins will definitely keep you busy.

Lastly, it is worth connecting with other twin moms in your area in person or on social media. You will be able to exchange tips and tricks, which products are working best for you, where to get the best deals on diapers, wipes and baby gadgets. Fellow twin moms will understand the ups and downs you are experiencing and can make you feel supported and understood if you are struggling. You are not alone and there is support for you! As always, Military Mommies are here for you too. Your Military Mommies Area Partner can help you find a pump that will help make your breastfeeding or pumping journey a bit less challenging, as well as provide guidance to find support in your community. If there is no Area Partner in your local area, that is not a problem. We can support you virtually and hopefully that will provide a little peace of mind as you are growing in your new role.

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