Kim Hopkins
Overseas Regional Manager
Area Partner Colorado Springs, CO

The first and second trimesters often fly by and you quickly find yourself 7 months pregnant with a huge to-do list. All of a sudden it becomes “real” that you will soon hold your little one in your arms and you may feel overwhelmed or not ready at all. You may check out your favorite Facebook Mom group and start following trendsetters on Instagram, and you begin to wonder – what do I actually need to get ready for a baby? There are the swings, the wraps, carriers, sleep sacks, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, and the cutest outfits. It is easy to go overboard!

As a mother of 7, I will tell you that you are most likely going to purchase some things you will never need or use. That’s ok! It is part of becoming a parent, and let’s face it, the newest technologies are oh so tempting. I personally try to focus on the essentials for me and my baby. Mothers often forget about their own needs and I am here to remind you that you deserve the best. In the third trimester, the baby goes through a large growth spurt and your body often feels like you have been run over by a pick-up truck. Plenty of rest and a good sleeping position is so important to help you feel good. It is absolutely worth it to invest in a pregnancy pillow at this time (or anytime in your pregnancy). If you are a Tricare East beneficiary, these are actually covered by your insurance – reach out to Military Mommies and ask us how!

Besides a pregnancy pillow, there are a few other items that can make the third trimester a bit more enjoyable. Your insurance may cover compression socks and a pregnancy support band like the Belly Boostier. A pregnancy band can help take some pressure off your back by supporting the weight of your growing tummy. These belly bands were a life-saver for me during my own pregnancies! You may also want to start looking for a massage therapist or chiropractor that works with expecting mothers. These professionals know exactly how to help relieve tension and enhance stability in your loosening joints. Make sure to take good care of yourself – your body is growing a human and you deserve to be spoiled.

When it comes to getting ready for the new family member, there are actually only a few items on your must-have list. The baby should have some clothes and diapers (cloth or disposable), a safe sleep space, and some entertainment for when you cannot carry your little one around. I love a good carrier or sling, and the Nuroo carrier is perfect for those first few months when you want lots of skin-to-skin contact with your baby. A nice swing or bouncer can also be a great investment so you can move around the house and get some things done while the baby relaxes and plays. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, look for second-hand stores or consignment sales in your area. Baby items are often in like-new condition and you can save a couple of bucks to invest in other items.

Getting ready for a new baby will look different for all of us, depending on our individual situation, preferences and personalities. I went all out for my first born just to find out what I really wanted and needed. By the time baby 2, 3 and 4 came along, I had a pretty good idea of what I had to have, and what could wait until later, or may not be needed at all. Parenthood is a learning experience and some of it is trial and error. Don’t forget you have friends and family you can rely on for help, input and information, and – let’s not forget, your Military Mommies team that is here to support you on your journey.  

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