What items are covered by TRICARE at this stage in your pregnancy?
And, how do you get them?

Kim Hopkins
Area Partner Germany

Congratulations, you are 6 months pregnant! This is a big milestone and a lot is happening. You are probably feeling great now that the initial morning sickness has subsided, you have more energy, and you’ve been able to share the news of your pregnancy with your family, friends, co-workers and leadership. You may even know if you are expecting a little boy, girl, or maybe both! Have you started shopping for baby essentials and nursery décor? This is the perfect time to start setting up your baby registry.

The sixth month of your pregnancy is truly an exciting one. You are now feeling the little kicks and jabs more often, your spouse may be able to see and feel them as well. Have you felt your baby hiccup? Your little one now has fully formed lungs and even their own unique fingerprint! You can start touring hospitals and maybe go on a baby-moon with your partner to enjoy some quality time prior to the arrival of your little one. 

At 27 weeks gestation, as a Tricare beneficiary, you are eligible to obtain a breast pump through your insurance.  So this is the time to do your research and meet with the Military Mommies partner in your area. Military Mommies area partners are wonderful resources that can provide you with information on the different Tricare covered breast pumps, pregnancy support belts, postpartum garments, compression socks and positioning pillows for which you may qualify.

Kim at 6 months pregnant.

When selecting your breast pump, you should ask yourself: How often will you be pumping? Will you be exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping or a combination of both? Is it likely that your baby will spend time in the NICU? Are you expecting multiples? Would you prefer a pump that you can charge or one that runs with batteries? The answers to these questions will help you and your area partner to  determine the perfect pump for your unique situation. Your area partner has many demo pumps on hand that you can check out to see what you like and dislike. There is no one pump that’s best for everyone. There is a pump that is most suitable for your specific situation – we are here to help you find it!

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