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What to Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump...

There are many exceptional breast pumps available on the market for moms to consider.  Sometimes, however, these options can be confusing.  We find that there are several characteristics that a mom should review before purchasing a pump:


One of the best options for breast pumps is an electric powered, double breast pump.  An electric pump can be powered with an AC adapter, with batteries, or both. Having these power options is extremely valuable when you’re on the go and need to pump in a place that may not have an outlet.


You will need to bring your pump with you to the office or on outings.  A pump with a travel bag to hold all of your accessories will make life so much easier.


You don’t want to be worried about noise level when pumping.  New technology in today’s electric pumps allows for a quieter operation than ever before.


Different pumps have different strengths of suction. You want a pump that will allow you to adjust the suction strength for maximum production and comfort.


Breast pumps are designed with an open or closed system pumping system.  You want to look for a breast pump with a closed system as a closed system stops your expressed milk from flowing back into the tubes or the pump, which protects your pumped milk from being contaminated by bacteria, mold, and viruses.